What is the Tallest Tower in the World? It’s Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan

If you are wondering what is the tallest tower in the world it is a new tower in Tokyo, Japan called the Tokyo Sky Tree. It was only recently completed (29th February 2012) and will be opened publicly on the 22nd of May 2012. Below you can see some pictures and charts about this world’s tallest tower.
Tokyo Sky Tree tower
The full height of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower is 634.0 metres or 2,080 feet. It was built by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters of Japan including the famous Japanese NHK TV station. So as you can guess the main purpose for building this super tall tower was to relay television and radio broadcast signals in Tokyo city.

This new tower in Tokyo, Japan is the tallest tower in the world regardless of whether the tower is free standing or supported. When the Tokyo Sky Tree tower topped out at 634 meters it beat the world’s tallest free standing tower which was the 600 meter tall Canton Tower in China. It also took over the record for the world’s tallest tower regardless of whether the tower was free standing or supported which since 1991 belonged to the KVLY-TV mast (formerly the KTHI-TV mast) which stands at 628.8 m (2,063 ft) in Blanchard, Traill County, North Dakota, United States. Its sad to note that the tallest tower ever built was the Warsaw Radio Mast in Poland which stood at 646.38 metres (2,120.67 ft) collapsed in 1991. If that Warsaw Radio Tower was still there Tokyo Tower won’t be the tallest tower today.

Before this Tokyo Sky Tree was built Tokyo city already had a very tall tower called the Tokyo Tower serving the same broadcasting purpose with an impressive height of 333 meters or 1093 feet. However that tower’s height was not enough to give complete coverage for the city because of recent high-rise buildings and skyscraper constructions around it which was obstructing broadcast coverage.

tokyo tower japan

The above photograph shows the old Tokyo Tower which as you can see is now surrounded by tall skyscrapers obstructing its broadcasting capabilities.

tallest tower world
Now with this Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo will not only once again have complete terrestrial television broadcasting coverage but also boast of having the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure in the world. (The tallest structure in the world is the Burj Kalifah Building in Dubai, UAE)

worlds tallest towersHere is a diagram of the five tallest towers in the world. As you can see this new Tokyo tower is nearly 100 feet taller than its nearest rivel, the Canton Tower and about 300 feet taller than the world famous Toronto CN Tower.

Though today Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower, for a long time in recent history the tallest tower in the world was the CN tower in Toronto, Canada. It was surpassed only recently by the beautiful tower called Canton Tower (600 meter, 1,968.5 ft) in Guangdong province of China. That was in 2010. But Canton tower held that glory only for a short time. Within a year the record for the world’s tallest tower was grabbed by this Tokyo Sky Tree. Now a question is how long will Tokyo Sky Tree tower hold the record for the world’s tallest tower?

In recent years there has been a race among nations specially in Asia to build the tallest towers and buildings. Already Saudi Arabia is building a supertall skyscraper called the Kingdom Tower (formerly called Mile High Tower) whose final height is not yet revealed but leaked news and speculation is that it will be nearly a mile height and definitely taller than the current world’s tallest structure, the Burj Kalifah Building in Dubai. India is also building a structure called India Tower which is 700 meters or nearly 200 feet taller than this new Tokyo Sky Tree. However lucky for Tokyo, though both of these under-construction projects have the term “Tower” in their name they both are not towers in the strictest sense but buildings. So even as scheduled these new supertall structures are completed in 2016, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower will still hold the record for the tallest tower in the world. But for how long remains to be seen.

Japanese will no doubt love to see this tower hold on to that record as long as the Toronto CN Tower did. But skyscraper enthusiasts will like to see the record broken as soon as possible like the Tokyo Sky Tree overtook Canton Tower within a year!

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