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The Cheese Grater Building in London | 48 Floor Leadenhall Building London

The city of London, filled with majestic old buildings from its British Empire days has now got a number of very unusual looking, highrise buildings and skyscrapers. One of them is the new giant tower at No. 122, Leadenhall Street, London. Because of its distinctive shape, this new Leadenhall Building has got a famous nickname called the Cheese Grater Building in London.
leadenhall building london

Officially this skyscraper is called the Leadenhall Building London. It’s a fine new 225 meter (or 737 feet) tall skyscraper with 48 floors. That’s not very tall compared to the worlds tallest buildings. But its shape catches your eye even though it is among many other new distinctive looking tall buildings in the London city.

Other distinctive looking new skyscraper near it are The Pinnacle tower (nicknamed Helter-Skelter), the Walkie-Talkie building at 20 Fenchurch Street and the Gherkin 30 St Mary Axe to name a few skyscrapers. Because of all these high rise skyscrapers the City of London has recently acquired a new respect among the world skyscraper fans.

cheese grater building

As this tower is situated adjacent to the world famousĀ  Lloyd’s insurer building, many think this building will come to house office of insurance companies. Oxford Properties are the co-developers of this building project in partnership with British Land.

Below is a height comparison of the London Leadenhall building against other famous and iconic buildings in London.

london tallest buildings

There is lot of comments made these days by the online skyscraper community about whether the London Leadenhall building will also become an iconic symbol for the city. But it is certainly going to be one of the city’s most widely recognized examples of modern architecture.

There is also a famous and specialist cheese monger called Cheese at Leadenhall at 4-5 Leadenhall Market. We wonder whether that also contributed for people to start referring to this building as the Leadenhall Cheese Grater building? Only a local can tell!!!

Image Source: SkyscraperCity.com

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