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Tallest Building In India: 700 meters tall Mumbai India Tower in 2016! (126 floors)

india tower mumbai
The India Tower, potentially the world’s second tallest! (image source: constructiondigital.com)

This is the India Tower, the proposed supertall skyscraper in Bombay or Mumbai, India. If it is built will be the tallest building in India by 2016 and the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

(Though construction work on Mumbai India Tower began it has been put on hold since 2011. See comments below for more. So the Lodha World One Mumbai building is currently India’s Tallest Building Under Construction)

India Tower will be 700 meters or 2,300 feet tall and consist of 126 storey or floors according to Wikipedia. Compared to other tallest buildings in India today, India Tower is so tall it will really look like Gulliver standing among Lilliputians even in India’s Skyscraper City of Mumbai. That is because as of 2012 the tallest building of India are the two Imperial Towers in Mumbai. These Mumbai Imperial Tower I and II are only 254 meters or 833 feet tall. That means the new India Tower will be nearly 3 times the height of the current highest building in India!

tallest building india
Artistic impressions of India Tower in Mumbai skyline. (image credit: www.constructiondigital.com)

Construction on India Tower began in 2010. To complete it is expected to take 6 years. It is developed by Dynamix Balwas (DB) Realtors as a mixed Hotel, Residential and Retail project. Upon completion the India tower will host the world famous Hyatt Hotel chains local Hotel in Mumbai with guest rooms, service apartments, exclusive banqueting and meeting facilities.

Because of this India Tower is also sometimes erroneously called as Park Hyatt Tower or Dynamix Balwas Tower, DB Tower.

No other completed buildings or under-construction buildings in India come even near as tall as this new India Tower. The nearest revel in India for the crown of India’s tallest Building is the World One skyscraper at Worli, Mumbai City. (The World One building is also under construction and planed to top off at 442 meters or 1,450 feet on completion in 2014)

According to the Hyatt website, India Tower will have a Hyatt Hotel, one of five new Hyatt properties in India. The Hyatt Hotel in this iconic 126 story India Tower will include 255 guest rooms and 55 serviced apartments. Hyatt had selected Foster and Partners of London as the leading designers for this impressive tower and full-service hotel.

(Update: Currently India Tower building is sadly put on hold due to the volatile economic and financial situation.)

You can read more about the tallest buildings in India from Wikipedia’s List of tallest buildings in India

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  1. india tower is on hold because of a court case b/w DB Realty and Bombay Municipal Corporation on difference in Premium. The case is currently in Mumbai High Court.

    Regardless of the verdict – DB Realty will start construction as gestation period of this project is well beyond current macro economic situation. If DB wins the verdict – the project will be green-lit from day 1. If not, DB would pay the extra premium based on negotiations (out of court) currently underway and restart the work immediately

    1. That’s good news HumeBastich. I’m sure millions of Indian will be glad to see this building completed. It will be their pride.

  2. Ratnesh Shukla

    hii frendz I m from bhiwandi Mumbai I’m glad to see thiss building but our kanoon. is not fast as in Dubai so we hope an that’s all Mumbai ko nayi penchant milegi

  3. Awesome…………this is like dream ..in india..but i m very disappointed with the hold of work one of the greatest reason of poverty and negativty in indians is our law system thousands of cases are pending date by date our judiciary system is very ill. Supreme court has must to be define a time limit for each cases…… deepakkumar +91-9907049527

  4. undoubtedly its a matter of pride that INDIA are at the edge of second to best. no problem yahaa tak aaye hain to aage bhi jaayenge one day we will be better than the best.

  5. WOW!!! it’s really good news for mumbaikar’s & all over india.. I love MUMBAI.. THE construction of this tower should complete quickly. I’m eager to see this tower on completion..

    1. I may correct you that India Tower would be the tallest commercial tower in India if constructed. World One tower is the tallest residential tower being constructed… There’s a huge difference in the projected heights of both the buildings, India Tower is 2300ft where world one is just 1450ft… Hope you realize the difference… 😉

  6. If this project would have been proposed in USA,they would have completed by 2013, this delay just because this is India,lotzzzzz of worthless obstacles…ministry,pocket filling,nonsense management of indian gvt..etc are like climbers, preventing the development.

  7. i dont understand y governmant disturbs in doing good work…….atleast someone is dreaming for 2nd largest tower in india after burj khalifa…..hope they will get green flag soon………

  8. Jaha daal-daal pae soone ki chirya karti hai basera
    wo “♥BHARAT♥” desh hai mera..
    We INDIAN r 1…. we need stay in unity..
    if our politician leaders wl nt corrupt money then 1 day the the top 100ⁿ tallest building over the world wl be in our “HINDUSTAN”

  9. we are just come near to break world record . it is initial stage we shall break world after some year .it is matter of proud and dignity for indian .I am waiting for that day.

  10. Nicholas smith

    An amazing project in a shithole country, butand I wish “India” will
    do some good work in infrastructure field aswell , just like fellow Asian countries like japan and UAE (;

  11. I am from Karachi & love Skyscrapers regardless the city or country. I love Mumbai & its tall buildings. If India Made the tallest building, we feel proud as Asian.

    Naeem Khan
    Karachi, Pakistan

    1. hiiii , i am from india and like to see your message i also like skycreapers like a you thanks for praying for the mumbai s tallest building thank you very much .

  12. There are Indians in Dubai who built the burj khalifa ,and they were 18 months behind the schedule then also they completed it before time so why can’t the Indians.

  13. First of all we should concentrate on the poverty of this country.Its meaningless to showoff the the world at a point of time when half of the population is starving for a country. Jai hind!!!!

  14. Jai ho ! The day this building will be completed will be a great achievement by india and show the world that india is very much capable . This building will attract hoards of tourists from all over the world who now go to visit burj-Khalifa…hence boosting tourism in India !! Jai hind !

  15. Hi Guyz I m from Mumbai…this tower must b completed I love MUMBAI yaar love mumbai alot ….Mumbai is already the best city of india but this tower will give our mumbai city a new identity….mr.balwa u r requested to complete this amazing tower as soon as u can…love u mumbai ..

  16. i guys but why india tower is stoped leave me replay guys i can t be under standing why it was stoped like a that a beautiful tower takes a no. 2 in the world when it will complete glad to seee it is on hold very sad i am .

  17. I stay at Mumbai central.. right now nathani builder r going to build 72storey build….after imperial heights… almost they have completed 10floors

  18. has India Tower resume its construction work or has it been still on hold? Now we have new and dynamic government i’m sure they must have order to resume the work. And the other thing, has palais royale been put to halt after being almost completed? I hate authorities who were a stumbling block and a virus to the developmental projects. Infact they should have something to treat the slums better than blocking the construction of highrise buildings.

  19. satyabrata samal

    Please if you are unable cooperate the able. Get India Tower completed. Look at China, they have done it. Why not India ? What hinders the project is bogus. Get lost from India who hinders India. Get India prosper. We are better that China, the completion of India Tower will prove it. Please, Govt. of India should take care of this ambitious project at any cost. This will be the signature of India, remember.

  20. I have proud of my mumbai and my maharashtraa the worlds tallest building make in mumbai when the construction of skycraper will complete i will come to mumbai see this building

  21. These projects are supposed to be implemented soon instead of wasting time if we really want to see our country on top or the list and thousands more sky scrapers should be built in every city around India and old ones should be replaced by new ones… Cmon India Govt let them do their job and speed up the development work as it is done for the countrys sake…

  22. O bhai ye construction start kyu nhi hote yaar yenhea to our uchi building banane ki sochni chaiye 700 m jab le hi liya ha to 200 or le lete kya begar jata kam se kam india tower world ki second to banta after kingdom tower jo saudi arabia me ban raha ha or india tower beat kar deta burj khalifa par enhe demag kon de…………

  23. YAa am hppy tht ab Mumbai ko 1 nii pahchnn milegi.. Pr apna India ka kannon itnA fast ni I hope.. Ki yh jlDi bnnjye

  24. pramod dicholkar

    Glad to see this india tower.its a request to govt.plss dont hold this project and plss co oprate Because once this finished indias name will be not count in currpet and poor countries. And also help for tourism.

  25. yeah i just hope india tower should constuct in mumbai as fast as possible……because mumbai is one of busiest and metropolitician of india and in world…so i think the dynamic design of ” india tower ” will increase the glory of city as well a country……and city will have its own new and unique identity…… !! Luv u mumbai…proud to be an idian

  26. The goverment in india is the only body that is holding and pulling the growth of india.other countries are moving so fast and india is being dragged by its goverment by putting hold on the progress. there is a need of Mr.Hero to come and pick these old culprits from the system only the some better can happen of india else its only going to be a paralised.

  27. i request to the new govt. please do fast for complition of this project. this project will boost our proud .since a long time we are waiting such a project which will prove indians can do some theing wordclass.

  28. i give suggestion to the govt. specially to the mody ji give instructios to big govt enerprises i.e . sbi , lic, hcl , ongc, hpcl, bpcl, iol , railway etc. to give projection for their h.o.tallest buildings which automaticly boost our courage of all indians. i saw this type of buildings in singapur .

    1. Why need to be stop construction? India will always be considered unprogressive country but with this high rises building will let the world perceive about india’s capability… It should have to be completed next year but what to do the authorities are bad asses and retired brains.

  29. Yeah Thats the Spirit Mumbai. I reside in mumbai and its a great achievement for mumbai and india to have a name of owning a great building structure in mumbai. even its a dream that mumbai will some day have a tallest building in the world (After Burj Khalifa in Dubai).
    So i wish will see this tower soon after construction. but i pity for the law in india which has his own rules what so ever once the permission is granted, Mumbai and the whole country will be proud to say the world, yes this building belongs to india

  30. How can India think of such a ludicrous idea,India’s thoughts and plans should be far nearer to ground level and to look after their poor people,i have been to New Delhi and Agra and they were the most polluted poverty stricken dirty places i have ever seen (and apparently not even the worst places in India ),i have never seen such poverty and suffering,people begging for money and food,the traffic congestion is rife and with no control,half the buses and cars have no exhausts and are burning and throwing out black plumes of toxic smoke,within 2 hours my finger nails and nostrils were black with tar,people living on the side of the road under plastic sheets.The wild dogs that run free within the streets and the traffic have a better life than the poor human souls that have to live there on a daily basis.Instead of wasting money on a skyscraper India should be cleaning up the Countries terrible pollution and looking after the the awful poverty the poor Indian people have to suffer in

  31. vinayak patil

    i love my india
    i love mumbai
    mumbai meri jaan

    my love muuuuuumbaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  32. It is still on hold or the work is going to be started ? Whether the building will ever be made or it is cancelled permanently ? Please any one answer/

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