Solar City Tower: Proposed Rio de Janeiro Olympic Tower 2016

This is news from a popular email forward that’s going around these days called the Olympic Tower 2016. That email had these pictures of a giant solar-powered building with a waterfall falling from the top of the building to the bottom covering the whole front facade of the building. Like you can see in the pictures here looks like a giant cascade of water suddenly appearing in mid-air and falling down from the sky.

solar city tower

According to the email this tower will be both an observation tower, and a welcome sign for the visitors arriving by air and by sea for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Summer Olympic Games.

solar city tower rio

However contrary to claims there no guarantee yet from the Brazilian Rio Olympic Games organizers that this building will ever be built.  So it is still just a concept and pictures from a architecture firm’s proposal of a wonderful building submitted for a competition in 2009 by RAFAA, a Zurich based architecture and design studio., a website that analyses interesting email forward like this, had contacted the designers to verify this claim and they have said  that they, “don’t have any confirmation from the local authorities so far and don’t know if this project will ever happen!

Rio de Janeiro 2016

According to the proposal, this giant Solar City Tower will be based in an island called Cotonduba, just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.It will utilizes solar energy during the day with its solo power panels, to pump the sea water as seen in the model. The waterfall like down movement of the water will again be utilized to turn the turbines and produce even more power to work the system at night time. (Can they repeatedly generate power like this? I don’t know how practical it is according to physics laws to achieve such a thing!)

solar powered bulding

This tower will have  lifts that will take the visitors to the top, where the view will be fantastic. It also includes plans for bungee jumping from a special platform.

The designing firm RAFAA, also want the organisers to also consider another important point by building this solar powered tower.  In 1992, Rio de Janeiro hosted a famous United Nations Earth Summit, which is still talked about today. The proposal designers wanted Rio to once again be the starting point for a global green movement and for a sustainable development of urban structures and homes. They say, it will perhaps even become a symbol for the first zero carbon footprint Olympic Games.

olympic tower 2016

How marvelous it will be if this building get built?

solar tower design

Update: I later found out that the tower top will be 105 meters above sea level. But there was no mention of how tall the tower only will be or other important details about we hear in other tower design proposal or news.


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