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Saudi Kingdom Tower Jeddah Construction Pictures

I know lot of people are interested about the constructions of the proposed 1 kilometer (1000 meter) tall Kingdom Tower building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. If its ever built it will become the tallest building on earth. So here are some fresh Kingdom Tower Jeddah construction pictures.Jeddah Kingdom Tower  They don’t show much but definitely indicate the start of piling for the construction of the mammoth tower. These Kingdom Tower construction photos were taken Mr. Rody Alshafei on the 18th of April 2013.kingdom tower construction Commenting about these pictures Mr. Rody says, “I went to the [Kingdom Tower] site today, work has finished in some foundations, concrete mixing towers are suddenly appeared. On the other hand, they have made a fence around the Tower’s plot to separate the Tower’s site than the rest of the plot (kingdom City)”Kingdom Tower JeddahHere is a video Mr. Rody had post on YouTube showing the whole Kingdom Tower construction site with the piling work and machinery.

About a month ago, a Saudi Newspaper had reported that the Kingdom Tower construction will finally start from the 1st of April 2013.

Here is a diagram comparing a 1000m version of Saudi Arabian Jeddah Kingdom Tower to other tallest buildings in the world today like the Dubai Burj Khilafa, Empire New York State Building , China World Financial Center tower and the new New York City One Freedom Tower.

tallest buildings worldI know lot of skyscraper fans were frustrated with lack of information and pictures about the progress of this Jeddah Kingdom Tower. It was proposed way back in 2007 but nothing was done upto now except erecting a fence around the site and some test drilling a few years back. Now finally those eager fan have got their  wish granted!

saudi 1km towerThe construction of this tower may have taken so long to get started most probably because of the financial crisis of 2008-2009 that affected the booming real estate market in Dubai and Middle East very badly. But I also think it can be because of the highly divided reaction the Kingdom Tower received throughout the media and public. Many real estate investors and journalist still see the iconic 1 kilometer Jeddah Kingdom Tower as nothing more than the result of self-centered and attention seeking competition between oil-rich Arab nation states that will serve no purpose other than as a white elephant, costing more and generating less than expected, if it even gets built!

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