New Tallest Building in Delhi: Supertech Supernova Skyscraper (80 Floors, 300 Meters)

I’m sure Indians are going to love this news. The Indian Supertech Group has launched a project called the Supertech Supernova project with a 80 floor super tall skyscraper as its centerpiece.
new delhi skyscrapers(images credit:  This project will be in the south side of India’s capital city of New Delhi. The star of this project is a supertall skyscraper named as Supertech Supernova. It will be a giant tower of a building rising to a height of 300 meters or 984 feet tall. The skyscraper will have 80 floors. They claim it is going to be the tallest building of 300 meters that will be completed in North India!

Here are some computer generated graphic rendering of the proposed Supernova skyscraper which some say will also be the new tallest building in Delhi very soon. (images credit: skyscraper picture This Supernova building project will have several other adjoining high rise building to it and together they will have a area of 5 million square feet. In fact this Supertech Supernova project in South Delhi will be a new township or district of Delhi city. A specialty with this project is it will be offering 70% open area with each plot.supertech skyscraper delhi The Supertech Supernova will be a mixed use development and offer Residential, Serviced Apartments, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Spaces and Recreational Centres.Supertech supernova building

In short this new Supertech Supernova district of New Delhi will be a beautiful lush green area with one super tall giant tower and 5 other luxury high rise skyscrapers that offers the super rich of India a very luxurious lifestyle.delhi tallest building

But as someone who has seen a lot of designs like this for skyscrapers in India I’m skeptical of this building being completed. That’s because in recent years there has been many such proposals made by Indian companies that have never gone beyond being proposals. And even the few India skyscrapers like the India Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world, which began construction has been put on hold due to various reasons. So will this 80 storey Supernova building ever building be built? Will they find investors for this project? Only time will tell.

On the other hand the Supertech group is already begun building North India’s tallest residential development project called North Eye (also in New Delhi) which also has a unusual and beautiful 255 meter skyscraper called the North Eye with 60 floors. So who knows they may manage to build this Supernova tower too!

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