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Lodha World One Mumbai Tower: India’s Tallest Building Under Construction

mumbai world one

Here is the 1450 feet tall Lodha World One Mumbai Residential Skyscraper. It is currently India’s tallest building under construction and is a residential skyscraper with a proposed height of 442 meters and 117 floors!

According to some claims this Mumbai World One skyscraper will be the world’s tallest residential building once completed! Giant Towers agrees with this claim because the supertall Pentonium building in Dubai, which was set to become the world’s tallest residential tower with a height of  516m   and 122 floors, is currently on hold for a long time.

Even this World One tower was schedule to be completed by 2014 but according to latest news from Lodha Group the building will be inaugurated somewhere in the first quarter of 2016.

Below is a view of how the Mumbai skyline will look once the World One building is completed. You can clearly see how tall it is against the other skyscrapers in Mumbai.

world one bombayAt any rate, this Mumbai World Tower will be India’s tallest building for sometime at least, because the construction work on the proposed tallest building in India, the 700 meter, (126 floors) Mumbai India Tower has been put on hold since 2011.

india tallest building

This World One tower is part of a massive multi tower project by India’s Lodha Group on the defunct Shrinivas Mills in the heart of Mumbai. The architect of the World One Mumbai is Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. (Please note, we hear authorities have given approval for only 90 floors!)

mumbai apartment complex

Mumbai World One building will house about 300 super luxury homes, including three and four bedroom residences, villas with own private pools and a limited number of luxury mansions as well.

mumbai world apartments

The apartment prices in World One would start from INR7.5 crore (US$1.4 million) and the most expensive one be as much as INR50 crore (US$9.2 million). The project will cost INR2000 crore (US$370 million) and Lodha Group expects to earn a revenue of INR5000 crore (US$920 million) from the sale of the apartments according to Wikipedia.

india skyscraper apartments

We can see that this building has already won the hearts of many Indians by the many names by which they refer it such as, the World Towers Mumbai, World One Lodha and Mumbai World One among others.

Above graphic renderings of this wonderful giant tower are from the Skyscrapercity forum.

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  1. this much high building in mumbai. cann’t believe this. if it completes, will it have observatory for comman public besides residents as lyk other skyscrapers in the world. i jus wanna ask this. i m very much exited to luk this giant skyscraper in mumbai, india……

  2. The Flat layout of 4 BHK would be similar to 3 BHK only one room would be added and some differences in the dimensions.

    The above information is according to the description by the Sales Manager and a bit of imagination, as none of the plans were shown at this pre-launch stage, only some dimensions were disclosed, therefore it may vary a bit from the actual.

    It was told that as it is only pre-launch, so only after giving a cheque of Booking amount, a glimpse of the floor plans would be shown but it will not be given.

    Pricing Details

    Base Rate Rs. 23,000 psf (3 BHK)
    Rs. 22,500 psf (4BHK)
    Rs. 30,303 psf (Villas)

    Floor Rise Rs. 180 per floor (from 7th floor for 3BHK & 4BHK)
    (from 42nd floor for Villas)

    Car Parking Rs. 12.6 Lac per car parking
    (2 CPs compulsory for 3 BHK)
    (3 CPs compulsory for 4BHK & Villas)

    Maintenance Rs. 12 psf per month

    Total Cost Rs. 7.11 Cr (For a 3BHK at 10th level)
    Rs. 8.25 Cr (For a 4BHK at 10th level)
    Rs. 21.97 Cr (For a Villa at 44th level)

    Payment Schedule

    Booking Amount Rs. 18 Lac (3 BHK & 4 BHK)
    Rs. 36 Lac (Villa)

    After 27 days 10% of the Agreement Value – Booking Amount

    After 18 more days 9.9% of the Agreement Value

    Other installments will be due as per the progression of work.
    It would take around 5 years in completion of the project.

    The above prices are valid only till 17th June and it would be increased to about 20% after that.

  3. What is the current status of the building ?
    What is current Rate ?
    Size of Flats
    Built up area / carpet area ratio.
    Car parking charges
    maintenance charges
    other charges
    stampduty/registration if any other
    Booking amount
    Floor rize rate
    project approved/ finance available ?
    expected date of possession
    other amenities

  4. Mumbai Skyline seems to be reaching new heights. Some of the under construction buildings are pegged to be really tall. One Avighna Park is going to be a new addition by 2015. Mumbai is going to be New York soon

  5. It is our goodness that we are a part of World-one.We have supplied shower drain,Roof Drain and Oil Separators & Grease Separators are about to supply.

    Thanks to Lodha and Team for Trusting us.


  6. Sir, I am sanju ojha from jaipur, we are interested in this world one residential tower, so for this purpose can u tell me that it is fully furnished or semi furnished and the most expensive flat is of 50 cr. How it is different from others

  7. i love it…. tallest Building in Mumbai…. i want to be part of it….i want to work in this project…..

  8. satyabrata samal

    The tallest in India needs to be completed as soon as possible. So India can show her prowess to the neighboring giant. Please any one render a latest photo. Or can any one say how tall it is now and how many floors are completed ?

  9. satyabrata samal

    Wikipedia says it is now completed up to 102 floors. Is it true ? Can any one from Mumbai please respond to my curious queries ? Please yaar, I am waiting a lot for your response.

  10. Any villa or bungalow in this building in between 1.00-1.50 million INR. i AM LOOKING FOR PRIVATE GARAGE IN MY FLOOR WHETHER ITS IN 1ST FLOOR OR 100 FLOOR

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