Izmir Folkart Towers

Folkart Towers Izmir Turkey, Set To Be 5th Tallest Twin Towers In Europe

The Turkish Folkart Yapı Construction company is building two interesting twin towers in Izmir, Turkey’s 3rd largest city. Folkart Towers IzmirThese new twin towers are called the Folkart Towers Izmir and will be 200 meters high and have 40 storey’s. They will be 3rd tallest building in Turkey and the tallest buildings in Turkey outside of the mega Istanbul city. Furthermore, once completed, they will also be the 5th tallest twin towers in Europe!Izmir Folkart TowersLike the graphic renderings shown here, the twin towers will have a interesting and unusual shape at its base and middle sections. The towers distinctive design prompted one graphic artist to create the below graphic for the project that shows the towers like the legs of the humanoid robots in the famous block buster Hollywood Transformers movie. Some people are even calling this the Transformers building in Turkey!transformers building izmir

This twin Folkart Towers Izmir project is a 150 million dollar investment and mixed used real estate development project which will have over a 27.000 m2 area of land. It will house shopping centers, sports complexes, offices and luxury residences. The luxury residencies of Folkart Towers will consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments with prices starting from 196 thousand US dollars!

Construction began in July 2011. One Folkart tower’s is already nearing completion with properties schedules to be delivered at the end of 2013. According to www.realestatenewsturkey.com, almost 60 per cent of this entire Izmir Folkart Tower project, has been sold.

twin towers turkeyIf you are interested to know more information about these interesting towers check out the official website at www.folkarttowers.com. For latest pictures of the actual building construction project checkout this buildings skyscrapercity.com forum page.

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