Florida Panama City Beach Apartment Skyscrapers Cause Weather Change

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We admire the tall skyscrapers and incredible mega construction projects going on around the world. While that is so we also see them causing a lot of environmental  changes. Most of the time these environmental changes we hear about are mostly negative. However recently, February 5, 2012 to be exact, some apartment skyscrapers on the beach of Panama City in Florida, United States caused a very interesting weather change to happen.

You can see what these tall buildings did to the weather or cloud’s of the area to be  precise in the pictures here. (We got these photos via an email forward from Interesting Emails website).

panama city weather

A helicopter pilot and his boss from Panama City beach FL were able to photograph this amazing weather changes that happen due tall buildings.

This phenomenal change in whether is said to be scientifically referred as a cloud formation called the cloud form waves. However when these pictures were spread across the world thanks to quick social media sharing on Internet websites like Facebook people began calling this amazing event as the Panama City Cloud Tsunami. You can easily see from the photos why they were quick to call it a Tsunami!

panama city tsunami
According to environmental experts, this phenomenal happened as the hot air mist from the ocean was blown towards the tall skyscraper apartment buildings on the Panama City beach. When the humid hot air encountered the artificial tall barriers (it probably thought them as mountains!) it started rising up and then freezing a little because of the temperature drop as the air goes up and then formed these thin cloud like form you see drifting over like waves over these buildings.

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Its very fortunate the world was able to see this amazing whether phenomenal through photos like this. We should be very thankful to the photographers of these wonderful photos, Mr. Mike Schaeffer, a helicopter pilot and Mr. JR Hott, (owner of Panhandle Helicopter services) which offers Panama city tourists sky tours around the Panama City area in Florida.

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