Lodha World One Mumbai Tower: India’s Tallest Building Under Construction

mumbai world one

Here is the 1450 feet tall Lodha World One Mumbai Residential Skyscraper. It is currently India’s tallest building under construction and is a residential skyscraper with a proposed height of 442 meters and 117 floors!

According to some claims this Mumbai World One skyscraper will be the world’s tallest residential building once completed! Giant Towers agrees with this claim because the supertall Pentonium building in Dubai, which was set to become the world’s tallest residential tower with a height of  516m   and 122 floors, is currently on hold for a long time.

Even this World One tower was schedule to be completed by 2014 but according to latest news from Lodha Group the building will be inaugurated somewhere in the first quarter of 2016.

Below is a view of how the Mumbai skyline will look once the World One building is completed. You can clearly see how tall it is against the other skyscrapers in Mumbai.

world one bombayAt any rate, this Mumbai World Tower will be India’s tallest building for sometime at least, because the construction work on the proposed tallest building in India, the 700 meter, (126 floors) Mumbai India Tower has been put on hold since 2011.

india tallest building

This World One tower is part of a massive multi tower project by India’s Lodha Group on the defunct Shrinivas Mills in the heart of Mumbai. The architect of the World One Mumbai is Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. (Please note, we hear authorities have given approval for only 90 floors!)

mumbai apartment complex

Mumbai World One building will house about 300 super luxury homes, including three and four bedroom residences, villas with own private pools and a limited number of luxury mansions as well.

mumbai world apartments

The apartment prices in World One would start from INR7.5 crore (US$1.4 million) and the most expensive one be as much as INR50 crore (US$9.2 million). The project will cost INR2000 crore (US$370 million) and Lodha Group expects to earn a revenue of INR5000 crore (US$920 million) from the sale of the apartments according to Wikipedia.

india skyscraper apartments

We can see that this building has already won the hearts of many Indians by the many names by which they refer it such as, the World Towers Mumbai, World One Lodha and Mumbai World One among others.

Above graphic renderings of this wonderful giant tower are from the Skyscrapercity forum.

New Tallest Building in Delhi: Supertech Supernova Skyscraper (80 Floors, 300 Meters)

I’m sure Indians are going to love this news. The Indian Supertech Group has launched a project called the Supertech Supernova project with a 80 floor super tall skyscraper as its centerpiece.
new delhi skyscrapers(images credit: www.supernovasupertech.co.in)  This project will be in the south side of India’s capital city of New Delhi. The star of this project is a supertall skyscraper named as Supertech Supernova. It will be a giant tower of a building rising to a height of 300 meters or 984 feet tall. The skyscraper will have 80 floors. They claim it is going to be the tallest building of 300 meters that will be completed in North India!

Here are some computer generated graphic rendering of the proposed Supernova skyscraper which some say will also be the new tallest building in Delhi very soon. (images credit: www.supernovasupertech.co.in)india skyscraper picture This Supernova building project will have several other adjoining high rise building to it and together they will have a area of 5 million square feet. In fact this Supertech Supernova project in South Delhi will be a new township or district of Delhi city. A specialty with this project is it will be offering 70% open area with each plot.supertech skyscraper delhi The Supertech Supernova will be a mixed use development and offer Residential, Serviced Apartments, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Spaces and Recreational Centres.Supertech supernova building

In short this new Supertech Supernova district of New Delhi will be a beautiful lush green area with one super tall giant tower and 5 other luxury high rise skyscrapers that offers the super rich of India a very luxurious lifestyle.delhi tallest building

But as someone who has seen a lot of designs like this for skyscrapers in India I’m skeptical of this building being completed. That’s because in recent years there has been many such proposals made by Indian companies that have never gone beyond being proposals. And even the few India skyscrapers like the India Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world, which began construction has been put on hold due to various reasons. So will this 80 storey Supernova building ever building be built? Will they find investors for this project? Only time will tell.

On the other hand the Supertech group is already begun building North India’s tallest residential development project called North Eye (also in New Delhi) which also has a unusual and beautiful 255 meter skyscraper called the North Eye with 60 floors. So who knows they may manage to build this Supernova tower too!

Tallest Building In India: 700 meters tall Mumbai India Tower in 2016! (126 floors)

india tower mumbai

The India Tower, potentially the world’s second tallest! (image source: constructiondigital.com)

This is the India Tower, the proposed supertall skyscraper in Bombay or Mumbai, India. If it is built will be the tallest building in India by 2016 and the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

(Though construction work on Mumbai India Tower began it has been put on hold since 2011. See comments below for more. So the Lodha World One Mumbai building is currently India’s Tallest Building Under Construction)

India Tower will be 700 meters or 2,300 feet tall and consist of 126 storey or floors according to Wikipedia. Compared to other tallest buildings in India today, India Tower is so tall it will really look like Gulliver standing among Lilliputians even in India’s Skyscraper City of Mumbai. That is because as of 2012 the tallest building of India are the two Imperial Towers in Mumbai. These Mumbai Imperial Tower I and II are only 254 meters or 833 feet tall. That means the new India Tower will be nearly 3 times the height of the current highest building in India!

tallest building india

Artistic impressions of India Tower in Mumbai skyline. (image credit: www.constructiondigital.com)

Construction on India Tower began in 2010. To complete it is expected to take 6 years. It is developed by Dynamix Balwas (DB) Realtors as a mixed Hotel, Residential and Retail project. Upon completion the India tower will host the world famous Hyatt Hotel chains local Hotel in Mumbai with guest rooms, service apartments, exclusive banqueting and meeting facilities.

Because of this India Tower is also sometimes erroneously called as Park Hyatt Tower or Dynamix Balwas Tower, DB Tower.

No other completed buildings or under-construction buildings in India come even near as tall as this new India Tower. The nearest revel in India for the crown of India’s tallest Building is the World One skyscraper at Worli, Mumbai City. (The World One building is also under construction and planed to top off at 442 meters or 1,450 feet on completion in 2014)

According to the Hyatt website, India Tower will have a Hyatt Hotel, one of five new Hyatt properties in India. The Hyatt Hotel in this iconic 126 story India Tower will include 255 guest rooms and 55 serviced apartments. Hyatt had selected Foster and Partners of London as the leading designers for this impressive tower and full-service hotel.

(Update: Currently India Tower building is sadly put on hold due to the volatile economic and financial situation.)

You can read more about the tallest buildings in India from Wikipedia’s List of tallest buildings in India