70 Floor Panama City Central Tower Building Proposal (320m | 1050ft )

Panama is world famous  the Panama canal. Other than that is it not very well known. So for many in the rest of the world, Panama might look like a unlikely place for skyscrapers and tall buildings. What is not very well known about this country is that the countries capital, Panama City is booming with a impressive skyline of skyscrapers and tall buildings.

Panama City skyscrapers(A snapshot of only a small section of Panama City Skyscrapers by Javier ie, on Flickr)

Even the famous US Investor Donald Trump choose Panama for his first skyscraper investment outside of United States by building the sail shaped 70 storey Trump Tower Hotel in Panama City. That Trump Tower is currently not only the tallest building in Panama but also the tallest building in Latin America. Just imagine tiny Panama having the tallest building in the whole of South America beating its giant neighbors with densely populated cities and booming economies like Brazil and Mexico!

Starting from around 2000, Panama city saw a rush in skyscrapers and now there are more than 150 high rise building are in this city. There are many more tall buildings currently under construction in this country and new proposal for even taller buildings are constantly coming out. The latest in this is a proposal for  a new 320 meter or 1050ft tall skyscraper called the Central Tower.

You can see some computer generated rendering of this proposed new super tall skyscraper building here. If this is built soon it will become the tallest building in Panama city as well as Latin America.panama city skyscraper

Computer rendered images of the proposed Central Tower skyscraper. (Image Credit: www.skyscrapercity.com)

Central Tower PanamaHere are the highlights and features of this 320 meter first super tall skyscraper for Panama. If it is built it will be not only the tallest building in Panama but as well as the tallest building in South America.

Height: 320 Meters (1050 feet)
No. of Floors: 70
Property Description : The Central Tower will be a large commercial building with a 5 star hotel in the heart of Panama City’s downtown core. Panoramic views of the city and Pacific Ocean are available. Complete floors from 1000 sq. m to 1250 sq. m are available.
Architect : Pinzon Lozano
Builder : TBA
Developer : Grupo H
Exposure : City & Pacific Ocean View
Amenities : 5 Star Hotel, Boutiques & Shoppes, Business Center
Lounge / Piano Bar, Restaurant, Spa

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