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150 Year Old House Moving For Toronto Pinnacle on Adelaide Building

There is a 42 story skyscraper currently under construction in Toronto, Canada called the Pinnacle on Adelaide building. This is a 140 meter tall building and is being built at the site of a well preserved heritage building called Richard West House. So Pinnacle International, the developers of this modern Pinnacle on Adelaide skyscraper have taken the rare feat to preserve the 150 year old heritage house. (Pinancle International are also developers of the next tallest Building in Toronto about which Giant Towers reported in the previous post)

The photo below shows the extreme engineering feat they are undertaking in order to preserve it by moving the old house intact on wheels, across the road.
canada-house-movingIn order to preserve it they have had to uproot and move this historic building across the road temporarily. Next they are going to re-move it to its original location, which will be within the skyscraper building complex, after it is completed.

Here is a interesting YouTube video of how this old house moving was done. It was titled, “The Pinnacle on Adelaide Heritage House Move”

According to information posted along with the video by the developer, this heritage building had been built in 1869. It is one of the last remaining buildings that tell the story of the historical evolution of this Toronto neighbourhood in the mid-19th century.

The heritage building’s gothic revival style showcases the patented two-toned brickwork trends of the late 1800s most famously used for Victorian churches. Located within the King-Spadina area, this property at 104 John Street signified the westward growth of the original Town of York. This new area encapsulated many of the community’s most essential institutional buildings such as schools, hospitals and government buildings during that important period of city development and infrastructure growth. This historically and culturally significant house will be integrated into the new complex and restored to its yesteryear grandeur to be fully functional once again as a commercial or retail establishment in the community.

We think these developers have set an example by preserving an existing old building like this. It will be good if other developers and cities elsewhere too take note of this house moving at Toronto. Others also should take steps to preserve the old historic and iconic buildings found at new skyscraper sites. We are making this appeal because we see some of the most iconic old buildings belonging to different eras in many cities around the world to be found in the busiest and most expensive parts of that town. Most of the time, in order to cater to modern needs, those old building are demolished and the place is cleared for bigger and more modern skyscrapers and other urban development projects. This situation should change!

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